Baking powder cancer cure myth investigated


Cancer is not a modern disease. It has been around since the dawn of man kind. It’s affecting millions every year.  The search for a cure for cancer is more than a century old. It’s one of the puzzles that modern medicine is still struggling with. The sheer diversity of types of cancer and the speed with which cancers evolve make it really hard to develop a universal vaccine. This leaves the door open for alternative medicine. Chemotherapy is the only cure that conventional medicine provides, but it can prove to be quite painful or unsuccessful. Because of this, people are often open to experimental and alternative treatments. Some doctors have tried to use the desperation of patients to try out new treatments based on unsupported evidence. One of the most common ones is the baking powder cancer cure myth

The Baking Powder Cancer Cure Myth

Out of the many alternative cancer ‘cures’ is baking powder. The baking powder cancer cure myth was created by Dr. Tullio Simoncini. His controversial treatments are well known in Italy but not the rest of the world. Once this information reached the internet, a lot of people tried to exploit this. The social media is still to this day flooded by articles explaining the benefits of baking soda as an alternative treatment. Let’s try and debunk this baking powder cancer cure myth.

Cancer Explained

First, let’s try and understand the nature of cancer. Your cells replicate and renew themselves all the time. This is the process that keeps you alive. You get a completely new set of cells every 7 years. This of course does not happen instantly, but gradually over time. In order to control this, there are mechanisms in your body that ensure that the cells replicate when they are actually needed and not chaotically.

Cancer occurs when one of these mechanisms fail and you either have a higher number of cells than you actually need or replication is so fast that the old cells cannot die out.  Some cancers are malignant as well. This means cells can break off the original tumor and start growing somewhere else in your body.  Cancer cells actually elbow out your normal cells in the fight for resources which results in overall weakness. It makes you physically weak and there is a drop in immune system function.

The Doctor that created the myth

Dr. Simoncini’s view is actually totally opposite. As a self proclaimed expert on metabolic diseases, he claims that cancer is caused by an opportunistic bacteria and that it’s nothing but a simple infection.  What he suggest is washing the tumor with Sodium Bicarbonate (baking powder) will cause the tumor to completely disappear in mere days. This is not only implausible but it’s downright impossible.  It’s worthy of note that in 2003 Dr. Simoncini was banned to practice medicine in Italy and in 2007 he was put under investigation regarding the circumstances of the death of a patient he treated in the Netherlands. The sheer amount of sodium bicarbonate that was administered to her orally by Dr. Simoncini caused a perforation in her intestines. Even after all of this, Dr. Simoncini still supports his theory. His views are totally unsupported by any scientific or lab trials and he hasn’t published a single article or study on it in peer-reviewed journals. His claim, although unsupported, has gained quite a momentum in the past decade and the number of people that take this fact for granted in astounding.

The allure of baking powder

The baking powder is a simple household item. It’s cheap, easily accessible and easy to administer orally. This only added appeal that helped create the baking powder cancer cure myth. The problem is, even when it’s consumed by healthy adults, it has to be done in a very controlled manner. First, it will try to change the Ph value of your body. Your body will strongly resist this. Second, if not administered properly, it will cause problems with the acidity of the stomach, worsening digestion. Third, the kidneys will have to work very hard to help you rid of the baking powder, putting an unnecessary strain on them. Finally, increase in sodium bicarbonate will increase potassium excretion, a mineral essential for bone health.

To wrap this up, whenever you want to try a new form of treatment be sure to always consult your doctor first. It’s impossible to tell what is what in the endless sea of information on the internet. Be sure to doubt and double check everything. When in doubt, you always have professionals with years of education and experience that can help you make the right decisions.

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