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Product ingredient lists and Comedogenics

Comedogenic Ingredients can be found in a lot of beauty and skin treatment products. While being quite aesthetically pleasing, Comedogenic Ingredients block the pores of your skin. Skin that cannot breathe is prone to break outs of pimples and acne. If you already suffer from acne, having blocked pores just amplifies this effect. If you haven’t purchased a product yet, you want something that is guaranteed not to clog your pores. Check out our list of non comedogenic oils.

Most of us that struggle with acne will probably by this point know what causes our acne or what products to avoid.  Moreover, some of you probably have compared product labels against lists of Comedogenic Ingredients. These lists can be found all over the internet. While it’s quite effective, this method is very time consuming. After all, we live in the digital era. Imagine how faster online skin care product shopping would be if you had an online comedogenic ingredients checker that you can just copy and paste the ingredient list into? In our search for an online comedogenic ingredients checker, we have stumbled upon (and tested) half a dozen of tools to help solve this problem and we bring you the best and most functional ones.

Our Table

This list consists of all comedogenic ingredients that can be found in beauty products. Most people with dry or normal skin can use these products without any consequences, but people with acne-prone skin, avoiding products with these components can be a game changer. Each ingredient on this list can have a Low, Medium, High or Very High comedogenic factor. If you see any of these elements listed within the first 7 written on the product label, even if marked with low comedogenic factor, stay clear of these products since using them can harm your skin.

Vitamins on the other hand (most notably Vitamin A and Vitamin E) are going to block your pores only if they are of specific mineral sources, but since manufacturers rarely include those in the labels, it’s much safer to steer clear from them. These ingredients, however can appear on the label somewhere near the end, usually if the manufacturer has used it in small amounts. In this case, the product is safe(r) to use. To use the table simply use the search function on the top right corner of the table, or if you’d like you can browse through all of the ingredients by scrolling.

Comedogenic Ingredient List

IngredientComedogenic Factor
Acetylated lanolinHigh
Acetylated lanolin alcoholHigh
Algae ExtractMedium
Butyl StearateMedium
Candelilla WaxLow
Carbomer 940 or CarbomerLow
Cetearyl alcoholLow
Cetearyl alcohol + Ceteareth 20 (in the same solution)High
Cocoa ButterHigh
Coconut ButterHigh
Corn OilLow
D&C red no. 19Low
D&C red no. 30Medium
Decyl oleateMedium
Emulsifying wax NFLow
Evening primrose oilLow
Glyceryl stearate NSELow
Glyceryl stearate SEMedium
Glycine Soja Oil (Soybean Oil)Medium
Hydroxypropyl celluloseLow
Isopropyl isostearateVery High
Isopropyl myristateVery High
Isopropyl palmitateHigh
Isostearyl isostearateHigh
Isostearyl neopentanoateMedium
Lauric acidHigh
Lithium stearateLow
macrocystis pyrifera (sea kelp) extractMedium
Macrocystis Pyrifera Extract (Sea KelpMedium
Magnesium stearateLow
Mink oilMedium
Myristic acidMedium
Myristyl lactateHigh
Myristyl myristateVery High
Oleth-3Very High
Palmitic acidMedium
PEG 16 lanolin (solulan 16)High
PG dicaprylate/caprateLow
PG dipelargonateLow
Polyethylene glycolLow
Sesame oilLow
Shark liver oilMedium
Sorbitan laurateLow
Soybean oilMedium
Stearic acidLow
Stearic acid TEAMedium
Stearyl alcoholLow
Stearyl heptanoateHigh
Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E)Low
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)Low
Vitamin A palmitateLow
Wheat germ glycerideMedium
Zinc oxideLow

Comedogenic Ingredients Checker by Brianne Gerbil

This tool is the simplest to use. You simply paste all the ingredients separated by commas and it checks them against a database of comedogenic ingredients. Perfect if you are trying to make up your mind quickly between two products without spending too much time. Go ahead give it a try. Head over to their website for the tool, or follow the link below the image. As you can see the design is simple and easy to use.


Comedogenic Ingredient Checker
Comedogenic Ingredient Checker by briannegerbil (screenshot taken from website), Link to website here


AcneMantra’s solution

While being a bit more complicated, this one provides a bit more insight. Works the same as the previous one, you enter the ingredient list in the box and it matches them against database of comedogenic ingredients. After this, you solve a simple captcha (not like robots would be worried about pimples but eh .. ) and voila, you have your results. What we really like about this tool is that it also returns information about the level of breakout-threat of every single ingredient. So an ingredient can have a low, middle or high pore-blocking value. Keeping in mind that everyone’s skin is different, it will still let you know which products you should use with more caution. If you are interested, head over to their website and give it a try, or simply follow the link below the image.

Comedogenic Ingredients Checker
Comedogenic Ingredient Checker by AcneMantra (screenshot taken from website) Link HERE

As you can see, the results returned (at the bottom of the image) also contain how comedogenic an ingredient is. This however, as we mentioned, varies from person to person.

Skingredients app

Comedogenic Ingredients Checker App by AcneMantra
Comedogenic Ingredients Checker App (Screenshot) Link to Playstore

Finally, the gem in the mud. We already mentioned the digital era, but why not take up to the next level. Someone smart enough has decided to make an app for it. The (almost) perfect comedogenic ingredient checker. This app allows you to do basically anything. While online shopping, you can just select the list of ingredients and just share it with this app, and it will instantly give you back a product review. It is a must have for any of us unfortunate ance-prone shoppers.

You can also take a picture of the ingredients of a product you have handy and it will cross check it with the inbuilt list. Just make sure that the picture is clear enough so the app can recognize the text. We really enjoy using it. Why not give it a try. After all, all you can lose is your pimples. Link to the Playstore app page below the image.


As you can see it’s very user friendly. It allows you to choose one of 4 functions. Either take a picture of the ingredient list or upload a photo of your own. You can also save a product or search by ingredient. An added bonus is that you can simply select the ingredient list and share it with the app. It will return the comedogenic rating automatically. This might come in handy when shopping online. Magic eh? – Healthy Means Happy

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