Time-Restrictive diets improve diabetes markers


Diabetes is a huge problem worldwide and especially in the USA. Previously on this blog, I have explained the time restricting Warrior Diet which limits your eating window to 4 hours a day. No matter how unhealthy this sounds, research has backed it up.

This study showed that diabetic and obese mice became leaner and less diabetic if they confined their eating window to 9-12 hours per day. In contrast, healthy mice that ate around the clock became overweight and diabetic. What is even more interesting is that the mice had cheat days. A third group of mice, originally lean but not fit, was fed in a 9-12 hour window on work days and around the clock on weekends. This group, surprisingly, stayed lean and even improved their fitness. Since the Warrior and One-Meal-A-Day diets restrict your eating window even further, it is possible that the effects would be even bigger?

Now while I do not religiously follow the Warrior, or any restricting diet, I still try to limit myself even when not ‘dieting’ dieting.

I have read this before in other articles, and because of it, try to have an early dinner so that my body has a longer fasting period everyday where it doesn’t have to process food. Breakfast is usually around 7:40, lunch around noon, and dinner around 5:30. So, from about 6:00 pm to 7:40 am, I’m not eating, so my body has over 13 hours without food. This has been shown to improve a body’s fat burning capabilities as well as insulin sensitivity. The more a body burns fat, the less ups and downs in blood sugar level, because the body can use the steady energy of fat.

The study suggests that a mouse could eat all the junk food they wanted within that window and remain healthy. However, I know my body, and I know how I feel after eating a higher carb meal that my body has trouble processing. For me, getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, and healthy meals with portion control helps me feel best, so I can live a full, productive, satisfying life.


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