Fix yourself a healthy breakfast. In under 5 minutes!

Eating healthy is one of the most common things we promise to ourselves when we feel the need for a change. Just like any other new habit that we are trying to introduce to our lives, this takes a bit of dedication. That being said, when is the best time to start when it comes to fixing your diet? Well, breakfast of course.

Eating a healthy breakfast can set your day up for success. It will also restrict calories consumed throughout the rest of the day. You might not think that you have time to prepare a nutritious breakfast every morning. In order to stop you from viewing this as a necessary evil, we bring to you 5 recipes that you can prepare in under 5 minutes. 

1) Eggs breakfast-fest


The nutritional go-to breakfast. Eggs are high in both protein and fat, which makes them the perfect choice for breakfast. Eating them first thing in the morning ensures you get enough nutrients to get you through the morning. You can have them in a million different ways, but since we like being experimental in our kitchen, check out this recipe we got from We absolutely adore it.

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of cheddar and milk each

Step 1: Spray microwave safe 12oz cup with cooking spray. Add eggs and milk. Beat until blended. 

Step 2: Microwave for 45 seconds on high. Stir and Microwave for another 30-60s (until eggs are cooked) 

Step 3: Top with cheddar and season with salt and pepper. 

You can add whatever toppings you like or have a side salad with this cup. Just grab your spoon and enjoy.


2) Cereal


I mean you cannot make a breakfast list without mentioning cereals. The cornerstone of every healthy diet. Try and stay away from the high sugar empty calorie ones that you come across in the cheap supermarkets and get whole wheat cereal. While they are not as sweet you can always top them with a fruit as a natural sweetener. This will provide the high protein low sugar breakfast you are aiming at. You can either have them with milk or yogurt. 

An added bonus is that you can have them with a probiotic yogurt. It will add sweetness to it and it will help your digestion. While junk food, alcohol and sugar reduce the number of helpful bacteria that you have in your lower intestines, probiotic yogurt provides an environment for them to thrive. This will increase your nutrient absorption and make you get the most out of any meal you have during the day, not just breakfast.


3) A smoothie

What’s faster to make than a smoothie? If nothing else it involves the least time in preparation. You just cram anything into a blender, and you turn it on. Make sure you add a banana for those healthy fibers. The best thing about the smoothie is the flexibility.

If you have already red about the benefits of lemon water in the morning, why not turn it into a smoothie breakfast? You can put pretty much anything in it. Your imagination is your only limit. On days that you are in a big big rush, you can even put your coffee in it. 

Mix a cup of coffee with some ice, a banana, some milk and you can even put some nuts in it for the added protein. Protein powder goes well with this combination as well. 

All the salad haters out there, the smoothie is your friend as well. Mix anything green you get your hands on and add some water and a banana. 

4) Cheese and fruits

A perfect breakfast mix. The cheese will provide you with the needed protein and fat, while the fruits will provide the vitamins. Ideal breakfast if you want to eat a both healthy and light breakfast. Because both cheese and fruits are tightly packed with nutrients, you will not feel full enough to descend in that post-meal laziness.

You can experiment with any type of cheese and any type of food. Feta works good with strawberries and berries (hello antioxidants) while cheddar will work better with grapes. We would recommend putting olive oil on oregano-seasoned feta and combining it with tomatoes. There really are no limits to taste, so feel free to experiment. 

5) Peanut butter and honey spread

Eat smart and not less. While it might seem obvious that the peanut butter and honey combo is a carb bomb, remember that this is breakfast. Your body will use half of those calories just to kick-start it’s numerous systems. I bet that you can burn the rest just by sitting at your desk until lunchtime. 

Spread a tablespoon of natural peanut butter over a piece of toasted brown bread, then add the honey. Consume with milk for extra satisfaction and a divine feeling. If you are a big coffee drinker, have your coffee first and then have this breakfast as a dessert. 



While there are many more healthy and fast breakfasts you can make in under 5 minutes, these are just our favorites. Make sure when preparing these recipes that you do not put in anything that you, or anyone that will consume this meal is allergic to. All of the recipes are quite flexible so feel free to let us know if you come across a combination that excites your taste buds.


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