Hard Boiled Egg Diet – Your way of losing up to 24 pounds in 2 short weeks

In order for our bodies to properly function we need to eat balanced well-rounded meals. Eggs  provide us with just this. They are high in protein as well as vitamins D, B-6, B-12 and A. This makes eggs kind of a superfood. If you boil the eggs instead of frying them, you avoid the added grease as well. The boiled egg diet is a simple two week diet plan that will help you lose up to 24 pounds in this short time span. It functions like Nicole Kidmann’s hard boiled egg diet but it’s way safer.

Our bodies function very simple. You put fuel in (food) and you use it. What’s leftover is stored in fat. If you combine the boiled egg diet with some very light exercise and at the same time refrain yourself from sugary and unhealthy food, the results are guaranteed.

One thing to be aware of is that eggs are a bit high in cholesterol as well, so doing it for more than 2 weeks might increase your blood cholesterol levels. Nicole Kidman tried the hard boiled egg diet (in which she ate nothing but 4-6 hard boiled eggs a day) and was very successful, but be aware that she had a whole army of nutritionists around her to monitor her health and progress. It is also essential that you stick to the predetermined amount of foods since eating anything else will throw your body out of balance and interrupt your metabolic function.

When you find yourself in a need of a snack or you feel irresistible hunger always remember to hydrate first. Most of the times when we feel hungry we are actually just thirsty, just the body cannot tell apart from the hunger and thirst. Also remember to refrain from soft drinks and sweets since carbohydrates will impair the progress of your weight loss.

If you have access to, then by all means try to stick to organic eggs since the nutritional value of organic eggs is much higher than the non-organic variety. It is highly recommended that you hard boil your eggs since cooking them at a high enough temperature will kill any bacteria (or anything else present for that matter) that the chicken might have picked up. You will also notice that it’s recommended that the fruit you consume in the morning is citric. This is because citric fruits makes your stomach work extra hard to digest them, thus noticeably increasing your metabolism.

In case you ever find yourself wandering how to cook your chicken today, or how to make the most low-calorie chicken salad, we have put together an article in order to give you some ideas. These chicken salad recipes are handpicked specifically to go along with this diet. But do not limit yourself just to these, there are many low calorie recipes there, so feel free to experiment.

It is also recommended that you restrict yourself to a 10 hour eating window so you leave your body enough time to tap into the fat supplies for energy. If you are more interested in fasting diets or ways that the body adapts to hunger, feel free to check out the Warrior’s Diet, which is more of a way of eating than a strict program. Now that you have been informed, we present to you the hard boiled egg diet (not the Nicole Kidman imbalanced variety).



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59 thoughts on “Hard Boiled Egg Diet – Your way of losing up to 24 pounds in 2 short weeks”

  • Not sure I will lose 24 lbs. but I weighed myself this morning and have lost 5 1/2 lbs.. Starting day 6 today, I started midweek instead of on Monday.

    • Most diets like this tell you to continue eating healthy but not do do the diet back to back. I would only do this once a month. Judy my personal opinion.

  • What exactly do you mean when you say “veggie salad” or just “salad”? It’s all very vague. Any dressing? with the Veggie salad, what types of veggies? Do we eat lettuce and veggies or just veggies? Again, are we allowed any dressing or any other toppings? Also, when you say steamed veggies, can this be any veggie? I appreciate your input 🙂

    • While the term veggie salad is indeed broad, for the diet to work best, we’d recommend sticking to green above-ground vegetables. Definitely no carrots, tomatoes and potatoes since they are quite rich in carbs. As for salad dressings, try to keep it minimal. Salt, pepper and oil are fine though. Thanks for pointing this out. We will include this in the original article.

        • Sorry, I just realized that that came out wrong. Stay away from dressings as they can add calories, just vinegar and olive oil are fine though. If you really want to add a dressing to your salad try to go as low on calories and as low on carbs as you can. Hope this clears things up.

          • Wendy while it might be hard in the first couple of days to follow the boiled egg diet plan, please try to restrict yourself to what the diet plan actually recommends. Be strong and stay focused. Carb cravings will go away within a couple of days

      • We’d recommend sticking to healthy low calorie dressings like Cilantro Lime Dressing, Sesame soy dressing or Greek Yogurt Caesar Dressing. You might also try Asian Vinaigrette Salad dressing but make sure to avoid the sugar. Hope this helps

    • Yes, if you prefer chicken you can, but beware, while chicken will provide you with more protein, it contains twice the amount of fat as well, so portion appropriately

    • Judy if it’s possible stay away from the balsamic vinegar & olive oil since the dressing alone can add 100-200 calories, you can add a bit for taste, but we wouldn’t recommend it. As for your coffee, black is the way to go. If you really cannot go without half & half you can have one with it during the day but don’t go crazy since most of the calories come from saturated fats that raise your ‘bad’ cholesterol. Hope this helps

  • I would like to know what kind of veggies and dressing I can use on it .and how can you fix the chicken and fish. and can you rotate the meat and eat more fish and tuna instead of so much chicken. I have some of the copper skillets can I dust my meat with a little flower and sensing’s with 1 tsp. of butter or oil to skillet and fry it and how much can you have?

  • Hi – on day one for lunch it says to have 2 slices of whole meal bread, is this dry without spread or as dry toast? Also is tea with only milk allowed?

    • I would say on the questions asking can I put this or that on my bread or salad the best results would be no. They have been kind enough to give the diet. If spreads and such were intended they would have included them. Further if you truly want to lose weight you will have to make changes. Yes, dry bread. 🙂

  • Green veggie salad! Are peas beans avocados spinach lettuce cucs broccoli green peppers jalapenos good choices?

    • Yes, they are. You can include cucumber or zucchini, cabbage, artichokes and kale to your taste. Be aware that peas have approximately three times more calories than the rest of the items on the list and avocados have six times more, so portion appropriately

  • I have been on this diet for 8 days now and lost 10.4 pounds. The weight loss was rapid at first but now it’s slow. Does this mean my weight loss is complete and not to expect at least 10 more pounds this week?

  • Please explain what is ment by tomatoe salad, im trying very hard to follow this altho amounts and directions are soo very vague..is it suppose to be large, ripe tomatoes (softball size)
    1-2 large celery ribs, thinly sliced
    ½ vidalia onion, thinly sliced
    1 tsp. dried oregano
    extra virgin olive oil
    flaky sea salt
    Or what??

  • I’m trying to start tomorrow but there’s nowhere to get organic eggs in my town. So will it not work if I use non-organic eggs??

  • on the first day it says 2 slice of brown bread, can I have brown bread with peanut butter? Are all the egg diets the same. some have different food on them, does it matter which diet you pick.

    • Tracy, I am with you. I have a hard time with boiled eggs but I have a skillet that I can do a fried egg without any spray or oil addd. I was wondering the same thing. .

  • For the days where lunch is fruit salad only, it doesn’t specify the quantity. How much should we portion? Are there specific fruits to eat?

  • I started today! I have thyroid and medication which makes it hard to lose weight. Will this work just the same

  • I’m starting tomorrow, 26th of June, I need clarity on what to eat with the two slices of bread please? Is peanut butter OK or just butter? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, this diet works best with a citrus fruit since a citrus fruit will aid digestion. It will also push your stomach harder thus letting you absorb more nutrients from your meals.

  • Id love to hear more about everyones results! And is there a way to share pictures if anyone has any? I am starting this in about a week so I am trying to prepare and im scared to death lol


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