How to boil The Ultimate Hard Boiled Egg

Eggs. The base for any cuisine with it’s pure simplicity. They are simple to obtain and cook, and are available in any part of the world. Easiest way to prepare it? Throw it in some boiling water, wait for some time, or wait for the shell to crack, or wait for the eggs to rise to the surface. But why so much advice on a simple thing. Because after all, getting a hard boiled egg just right is a mastery in itself.  Take the egg out a moment earlier and you have a runny yolk. Take it out a moment too late, and the yolk is tasteless.

Our recent article on the hard boiled egg diet has our readers curious on how do you boil the perfect hard boiled egg. In order to help them, we have put together a small infographic. Before you delve deeper, let us give you a small tip. Timing is EVERYTHING.

How to Hard Boil an egg

While there are descriptions on how to hard boil an egg we suggest you take a look at the image below as to see what color is the yolk once you cut the egg.


  • 5 min – Barely Cooked Congrats, you have just cooked you egg. While this egg is edible and bacteria free, the internal consistency is more on the soft side. The white has just set and the yolk is still runny. You can consume your boiled egg even like this. Combine it with a piece of toast and you’re ready!
  • 6 min – Soft Cooked You have spent another minute of cooking your egg. During this minute, the egg white has set a bit further. The yolk is no longer as runny as previously. The soft cooked egg is perfect to serve over pasta,  since you will still be able to scoop it up with a fork.
  • 8 min – Medium Cooked A medium cooked egg is very hard to pull off. The white is thoroughly set while the yolk is still a bit runny. Best results are achieved when the egg is immersed in a pot of already boiling water.
  • 10 min – The Hard Boiled Egg The king of boiled eggs. The white is hard set and the yolk is thoroughly cooked.  You have around 20 seconds to get it out of the hot and  immerse it in cold water. This will make the egg peel with ease. Moments later the shells starts cracking.
  • 10+ min – Boiled Egg overkill You have waited for too long. Usually happens a couple of minutes after the egg is hard boiled, it really depends on the egg. While you can still eat your boiled eggs this way, the yolk will be hard, dehydrated and chalky.

Now that you have it in text, check out our infographic below.


How to Hard Boil an Egg
How to Hard Boil an Egg

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