An Ice Cube on a specific point on the Neck could work miracles for YOU! Feng Fu

Feng Fu Point
Feng Fu Point

Most of you must have heard of acupuncture. The first thing you would associate it with is needles and the most common thing treated by it, pain. The idea behind acupuncture is that once you put pressure on an exact spot on your body it will help with other bodily functions. One of these spots is Feng Fu (or in English, Wind Mansion) . It is located on the back of your neck, exactly where you neck meets the root of your skull. Since the Feng Fu point is viewed as a connecting point between the body and the mind, it is believed it’s closely connected to the both physical and mental well-being of the person. 

No needle is touching my Feng Fu!

The whole idea behind acupuncture is that you actually don’t “need” to use a needle, just pressure. Some points react well to temperature as well. Yeah, you red that right, temperature changes. The Feng Fu point is especially sensitive to both heat and cold. Putting an ice cube on this exact spot is said to be beneficiary for many different things including: 

  • Helps improve sleep quality .. Zzz

-Who does not “dream” of better sleep quality and quantity? In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that the Feng Fu spot is very closely related to sleep and it might help you sleep longer, cozier hours.

  • Aid the digestive system

Bloating, stomach pain and stomach acid are causing problems for a lot of people. Fortunately, putting an ice-cube on the Feng Fu point is believed to help with these issues too. 

  • Relieves headache

Who hasn’t woken up happy in the morning just to have their day ruined by a headache by noon? Fear no more, since the ice-cube method has been reported to help with those day-wreckers too. 

  • Relieves Cold Symptoms

While western medicine is struggling with the common cold for a long long time, Chinese Medicine has had a bit more, erm, creative solution to the problem. Applying an ice-cube on your Feng Fu point with help you relieve cold symptoms. There are other ways to spend your free time in winter except rolled-up in a blanket with toilet paper all around you. Who would know. 

  • Helps with PMS

PMS is not a part of the month any girl is looking forward to. Stomach cramps, muscle pain, back pain, loss of appetite .. and the list goes on. Putting an ice-cube on your neck can help you with some of these symptoms as well, as it is said it’s helping you relieve the pain.

  • Reduces  cellulite 

Most of us, if we could, would use a magic wand to touch up on that cellulite on our legs. As stubborn at it seems, even the cellulite has a natural enemy – meet the ice-cube. Yes, the miraculous Feng Fu point to the rescue again. Applying ice to the spot is said to help regulate body weight and cellulite. 

  • Improves your mood

So thanks to the ice-cube and your Feng Fu point, so far you have no problems with digestion, sleep tight, do not suffer from colds. On top of that you are lean and you never have headaches. If this does not improve your mood it’s impossible to imagine what will. Besides making you feel awesome for all the other reasons, the Feng Fu also helps your brain release endorphine a.k.a the happiness hormone.

  • Other benefits

Putting an ice-cube on the Feng Fu point is also said to relieve Respiratory problems, Cardiovascular problems, Arthritis, it may help with Thyroid Gland Regulation, Hyper and Hypo tension in the muscles and Mental Disorders.

The method

Finding the point

As explained by the image at the beginning of the post, the Feng Fu spot is located exactly where your neck meets your skull. If you place your finger at this point you will feel a small indentation. Try pressing there and if you’re feeling a small sensation of relief, you have found it. If you still cannot find it, tilt your neck backwards. This will flex your neck muscles. At the very top of your neck muscles(where they connect to the skull), between the two parts, is where your Feng Fu spot is located. If you still have trouble identifying where your muscles start or end, try laying down and then flexing your muscles at different angles. This will help you better feel the texture of the muscle and eventually find the point. 

Applying the ice-cube

It is recommended you hold the ice-cube at this place for 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast and for another 30 minutes before going to bed. Since 30 minutes is a lot of time to hold an ice-cube you can always use a scarf to secure it in place. At first, you might feel weird with the very cold ice touching your skin, but within minutes of placing it you will feel all of the heat from the surrounding area being drawn to the ice. After some 15 minutes your brain is going to start releasing endorphins and you will start feeling the positive effects. Do this every two to three days to improve your general well-being.


It is not however recommended to use this method if you are pregnant, suffer from schizophrenia or have a pacemaker. 


I have already put my ice tray in the refrigerator, have you?



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