Natural Aftershave – What to use and how to make it

Astringent of choice

Astringents are ingredients that help the blood vessels of the skin constrict. This way, all the micro-tears in your skin as well as the cuts will heal much more quickly. Since most of the astringents contain alcohol, if you want to avoid it choose the ones with the lowest amount in them. Witch Hazel will do the trick for you, although usually they come with the highest content of alcohol. But fear not, there still is a huge selection. If you want to fully utilize even this aspect of your aftershave, you can go with White Tea (which has even more nutrients than green tea) or Rose Water.

Essential oils as part of your aftershave

The last part that you would need for your homemade natural aftershave, is not what your skin needs but rather your senses. Everybody has a favorite scent, and those who don’t, they haven’t properly discovered essential oils yet. We trust the ladies enough to, by now, know their preferred scent. It is not everyday that you meet a woman that doesn’t have a distinguished taste in perfume or essential oil. This is why we will give advice to the guys out there only. One of the more popular choices for men are Bay (West Indies), or basically the oil that has been in aftershaves since the modern concept of them appeared. Cedarwood Atlas is also a common choice. It’s woody, rigid smell is more suited for individuals that are more masculine, or at least want to smell that way.

Natural Aftershave DIY recipe and instructions

So far you have learned what you will need for your aftershave. While the ratios of the exact ingredients can vary, try to stick to the ratios specified for that thick, creamy feel.

First of all, put equal parts of Coconut Oil and Shea butter in a double boiler. (For the guys, it when you put a container over a pot of boiling water). Leave them on the fire until both of them melt. Once melted, place them in an ice bath and start stirring. Actually, since you’ll be making a cream, the more appropriate term is whisking. Whisk until you get a thick, creamy substance. At this point you add your Astringent of choice and the essential oil. It is as easy as that. Put everything in a container and store it in the fridge. Wait for a couple of hours and congratulate yourself on making your first natural aftershave.

Hopefully, what you will get is a nutrient rich, soothing and moisturizing skin cream. Congratulations, you have just saved yourself a good deal of money.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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