PROS and CONS of The Warrior Diet and The One Meal A Day diet

In case you’re not up to date, the one-meal-a-day diet is actually a more simplified version of the Warrior diet. You still get to eat whatever you want, only instead of a 4-hour window, you are restricted to a single meal a day Before we delve into the tips for getting started on the Warrior (or ideally One-Meal-A-Day) diet, we’d like to weigh in the PROS and CONS.¬†We felt that this article is necessary since this kind of a diet will surely challenge your traditional views on nutrition and food intake, let alone weight loss and muscle gain.


The biggest drawback has to be hunger. If youre the kind of person who starts feeling faint if you skip breakfast, the one meal a day diet wont be a good choice for you. To stick with the diet, you have to be willing to tolerate a certain level of hunger, at least initially. However, as you grow more used to the routine of eating only one meal a day, you may find that your hunger pains subside.
Social factors. The one meal a day diet isnt well known at this point, and you may struggle to explain to your friends and family why youre skipping breakfast/lunch/dinner again. Also, if you like to eat out socially on a regular basis, limiting yourself to just one meal a day might cramp your style a bit.
Studies are mixed as to whether eating just one meal a day can make you more prone to binging. Personally, this hasnt been my experience, but if you are prone to binging or compulsive eating I would tread very carefully, since fasting for most of the day may exacerbate this. Same goes if you have ever suffered from an eating disorder.
Energy levels. Again this is quite a personal one I can quite exercise or work with an empty stomach in fact, I prefer to but everyone is different. Eating one meal a day may make you feel more tired than usual, and if you usually rely on sugary snacks to keep your energy up you’ll probably find the one meal a day diet difficult to stick to but then again, any diet that restricts your calories can make you feel lethargic.


One simple rule. One meal a day. That’s it! No calorie counting, no weighing, no food diary. No complex meal planning, special ingredients, or major lifestyle change. Just one simple rule just one meal a day!
You can still eat all your favorite food! Love ice-cream with bacon sprinkles, sauteed spinach and sweet-potato chips? (Not all at once I hope!) No problem! Its easier to resist that cheeseburger at lunch-time when you know you can have it later, if you still want it.
Its flexible. Big work lunch tomorrow? No problem, just make that your one meal of the day and have fun! (Although I think it is easier to stick to one meal a day if you eat at the same time, every day.)
Your appetite might decrease. This may not be true of everyone, but I find that after fasting for most of the day, although I’m usually pretty hungry for dinner, I don’t eat as much as I used to. I cant speak for the truth of claims like Not eating shrinks your stomach etc I don’t think that makes sense physiologically but there seems to be some kind of appetite suppressant factor at work.
Eating one meal a day effectively cuts your calorie intake significantly, and providing you don’t overeat at your one meal, can be very effective for weight loss. Which is the reason you’re doing it in the first place, right?


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