About Us

About Us

It is crucial that you understand our mission in order for you to consume our content in the most effective manner. If you want to know a little more about us, we welcome you to read our brief introduction.

Our goal

Eating and living healthy is one of the many (and in our humble opinion main) ways to remain happy in the hectic times we live in. In the world where the internet provides an ever-growing source of data, it gets harder every day to weed out the invaluable from the valuable information. We have decided to start this blog in order to enable you faster, more organized navigation though the sea of  recipes, exercise regimes and nutritional information available on the internet. Keeping to the idea that a healthy, more satisfying diet and lifestyle should not be beyond the reach of anyone, the main goal of this website is to try to bring you the most valuable advice at your fingertips.

Our method

In order to help you better understand and use the knowledge gained from our articles, all of our posts are written in plain (layman) English with special attention dedicated to still keeping both the quantity and quality of information intact. I mean who would like to read an article full of Latin words and end up spending most of the time trying to decipher what the writer wants to communicate. We conduct re

For any queries or suggestions (always welcome), you can contact us trough our Contact Us page or alternatively our Facebook page.