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Privacy policy

Here at we take the privacy of our visitors very seriously. In the next few paragraphs you can read our Privacy policy where you can explanations for the data being collected and used.


Full confidentiality is guaranteed for any sensitive information passed on to us.

Note:  Any tips and/or suggestions we receive we do not however view as confidential and will feel free to use/distribute.


Google Analytics

In order to keep track our population demographics and interests, our site uses the Google Analytics program. The data collected is completely anonymous, but it helps us immensely to further understand the needs and interests of our visitors.

Through the usage of it’s own set of cookies, Google Adsense helps us understand information such as how long have you visited our site, where did you get referred from as well as time spent on our site. Information like did you view our site from a Laptop or a smartphone furthermore helps us to understand where our site and service needs improvement thus proving itself vital to our own progress. All the data collected is completely anonymous and any IP address monitored is not in any way linked to any identifiable data.


Third party websites and external links

In order to support our site, we are hugely dependent on displaying adds on our pages. Third party websites, like Google through it’s Adsense program and it’s partners, will follow your web-based behavior on our and any other sites within their network though the use of cookies. These cookies would collect information as (but not limited to) your IP address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the type of browser you used. This information is later used to deliver a more target-based display of ads based on the visitor’s location, browsing history etc.

You can always opt-out from Google tracking your activity and gathering market-related data by clicking the following link

We are NOT held responsible for privacy violation practices on third party sites however, in case such practices have been detected by us these sites will be unlinked from immediately.

Privacy policy changes

We reserve the right to change the terms in the Privacy Policy at any time at our own discretion. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the Contact Us form in the bottom right corner of this page.

Image and artist attribution

Here at we take copyrights very seriously. In an online world where plagiarism and online piracy is present at every corner, we try to put in our fair share of fight. All of the images used either have the appropriate attribution, or otherwise have been released for use in the public domain with no attribution required (licence CC0 1.0)